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About Jill Guzman Realty Inc

Meet Jill Beth Guzman, known by her friends as JilliBeth. Jill is the Broker of Record and CO-Owner, with her husband Juan, of Jill Guzman Realty.

Jill loves life and is always happy that God gifted her another day to make other’s lives better! Philosophy of Jill is “A smile can change another’s life more than you can imagine!!”

 Jill was born and raised in Newark, NJ. She was always taught by her Dad that Honesty is the ONLY policy!! Although her Dad died when she was only 18, his teachings have always and will always stay in her heart.

 A Graduate of Rutgers’s University with a Dual Degree in Education and teaching of Spanish as well as English, Jill taught in Rahway and Elizabeth Schools. While expecting their daughter in 1985, Jill decided that Real Estate was her forte. She knew that helping the total community could be achieved through this profession.

 Married in 1981 to Juan Guzman (Juanito) who hails from Colombian, SA their love and faith taught them that ANYTHING and Everything is Possible!!! Jill and Juan are beaming with pride of their daughter Marla Ann who is an MD now doing a Fellowship in Pediatric Rheumatology. Jill LOVES WHAT SHE DOES and works 7 days a week doing it!! Totally bilingual in Spanish and English, her clients visit the office 24/7 to be with her!! Jill loves seeing people fall in love with their homes, and especially enjoys assisting homeowners to achieve their highest goal in selling. Jills hobbies are entertaining her Poodles and her Bijon, as well as reading and listening to music. Stop by the office anytime for coffee and chat with Jilly!!!

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