Our Realtors Team


Jill Beth Guzman is the Broker of Record/Owner of Jill Guzman Realty Inc. Raised in Newark and Elizabeth, NJ Jill is a proud graduate of Rutgers University, with a BA Degree in Education and a dual major of Spanish and English and a minor in Psychology. Jill formerly taught in Rahway and Elizabeth NJ and is completely bilingual. Proud mom of Dr. Marla Guzman, and proud wife Of Juan Guzman, Jill “LOVES WHAT SHE DOES!” Her main interest in life is to enrich the lives of others Jill can be found in her office almost 24/7 drinking coffee and chatting with the clients from all corners of the world!!!! Jill and Juan are the proud grandparents of a bouncing baby boy !!!

Contact Jill Guzman jillbeth.guzman@gmail.com

Juan Guzman is the root of Jill Guzman Realty Inc. Proud owner of the Jill Guzman Realty Inc Realtors, together with his wife Jill, who is the Broker of Record, Juan advertises the client’s homes Until they get sold and closed! Together with his wife in 1988 they formed Jill Guzman Realty Inc With a toddler in hand..That toddler is now Dr Marla Guzman an MD who dedicates her profession to curing children with Auto Immune Disease.   Juan and Jill believe that every client is part of their family.

The warmth of their office is inviting to all! Happily married for 38 years, this couple is often referred to as Lucy and Ricky by the clientele..and the Bobaloo is sung daily!!! Juan and Jill are now the proud grandparents of a bouncing baby boy!!!!

Meet Betsy Gallagher….The office General Manager and Jill‘s right and left hands!!! Betsy was born in Colombia, SA and was raised in Elizabeth NJ. Totally fluent in English and Spanish, Betsy shares the same studies as Jill in Education! Jill Guzman Realty Inc is extremely proud to have Betsy in our Real Estate Family.

The sweet voice of our office manager will make you feel right at home when you call!

Altheria Fairfax is the sunshine of the Jill Guzman Realty Inc office. As soon as she enters the office, There is a glow of happiness throughout. Altheria has lived in in Linden, NJ for many yrs and is a proud Linden Alumni.. Altheria was formerly an Administrative Assistant to Mr Hess, of Hess Oil and when she bought her home in Linden from Jill several years ago. Altheria promised that one day she would come aboard . She is definitely a full time member of the Jill Guzman Realty Family and clients simply love her because she truly cares. A dedicated wife, mom and grandma, ALtheria is the shining star that makes us all happy!

Contact Altheria D. Fairfax  afairfaxrealty@gmail.com

Sergia Floy was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. She is a joy for all of us in the office. Sergia is always available to help you to sell buy or rent a property. She is patient and quite understanding of your needs. Bilingual, her hobbies include volunteering in her church and enjoying Quality family time. Call Sergia for a great result.

Contact Sergia Floy sergiarealtor@gmail.com

Erik Dominquez hails from the Dominican Republic. Erik grew up right here in Elizabeth NJAnd is an Academic Wiz...Erik holds a Bachelors and a Masters Degree, and is fluent in Spanish and English. He specializes in helping investors and is a genius at selling all properties, and has a special touch with Commercial Real Estate .   Erik is a recent homeowner and in his spare time, he enjoys reading and learning….come meet our Scholastic Realtor and let him guide you!

Contact Erik Dominguez edguzmanrealty@gmail.com

Jhonatan Jara brings the Ecuadorian culture to Jill Guzman Realty Inc. Jhonatan loves people . He is our fashion expert and can always be found showing homes with his classic attire and a bow tie! Jhonatan is totally bilingual and computer savvy. He LOVES selling homes and he totally adores soccer! When looking to sell or buy, you can count on Jhonatan to be right by your side!! Contact Jhonatan Jara realestate.jara@gmail.com

Sergio Munoz is a Native of Puerto Rico! Sergio brings to Jill Guzman Realty many years of Experience working with people ! A proud graduate of Kean University with a Bachellor Degree In Accounting and a Minor in Business Administration, Sergio has a great personality And you will always find him working and ready to take you to your perfect home!! He will list your home and work hard to bring you the best price ever…Proud father Of twins and a teenager he is definitely understanding of your familys’s needs  Completely bilingual Sergio will stay with you every step of the way!


Contact Sergio Munoz smunozrealty@gmail.com

Deiny Ucros simply lights up our lives with her sparkling and genuine enthusiasm.

This amazing realtor has worked in the city that never sleeps NYC as a Realtor, and decided that Home Sweet Home in Elizabeth, NJ and surrounding areas is where she wants to be!

A full time agent at Jill Guzman Realty, Deiny incredibly cares about each client who touches her life. She may be found renting apts, or listing a home, or conducting an Open House but one thing is certain… Wherever she goes, there is happiness!!!!!

Deiny loves reading. She has this in common with her Broker Jill who reads at least a book a week. She also may be found dancing the Salsa, or cooking up a gourmet meal or creating crafts. Her multi talents are never ending and as a realtor, Deiny is dedicated and enjoying working with her clientele 24/7.

Deiny Ucros, WELCOME HOME!


Janet Kaback is a proud member of the Jill Guzman realty family.

A former teacher, Janet was born and raised in Queens, NY and then Moved to New Jersey where she was a homeowner in the Elmora area for many years. She brings to Jill's team a great enthusiasm for life and a huge desire to help people realize their dreams.

Janet like her friend and broker Jill is totally bilingual in Spanish and English. As a realtor, she will make certain that you are under her wing receiving the top of the line good old fashioned service.

Janet is also a college professor part-time. Her hobbies include reading, and theatre. Teaching English as a second language was one of her favorite positions!


Call Janet and you are assured a successful result!


Meet Alex Cerna who brings a touch of Peruvian culture to our united nations of Jill Guzman Realty.

Alex is a proud graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson holding a degree in Business Administration. Alex is now pursuing his MBA at Kean University. Alex is extremely active in the community and is a board member in Linden's mayor youth commission, he sits on the board of linden high school alumni association.

He has a background in banking since he was 19 years old.

Alex will make certain that you have a stress free experience in your real estate needs.


Call Alex and you are assured a successful result!


Meet Edwin Kingalahua our Realtor whose email starts with success!! You know what that means.
Edwin joins Jill Guzman & her team bringing with him a background in finance and business.
Edwin is totally bilingual He proudly studied finance at NY Coldwell College. In his spare time our Realtor enjoys spending quality time with his daughter sampling his favorite gourmet dishes Japanese Sushi, Italy's ravioli & Colombia's Bandeja Paisa.
Edgar enjoys salsa & dances with the stars!>
Edwin is sure to help you with every aspect of your real estate needs.


Contact Edwin Kingalahua kingsuccesshomes@gmail.com

Mortgage Team

Jason David is a Loan Officer at Crown Home Mortgage, where he helps new home buyers secure a loan that suits their budget and goals.  He also helps existing homeowners refinance their mortgage and save money every month.  He clearly explains and educates his clients about their different financing options.  When working with Jason you can expect 100% transparency, no horror stories or unwanted surprises.

Having been an entrepreneur for the past 13 years, Jason David understands the importance of providing top-notch service and providing the options that work best for his clients.   As a loan officer for Crown Home Mortgage, his hard work is evident in each client he serves.  His ability to make his clients feel confident and well-informed about their decisions and the mortgage process has been praised by his past clients as well as his colleagues.  Jason ascribes his success to his alliance with realtors, who value his commitment and hard work to help clients.  When not busy helping clients, Jason enjoys cooking, travelling and enjoying life as a husband and father of 3 wonderful children.


Contact Jason  jdavid@crownhm.com