Lawyer Delilah Magao
With the proud owners of St marks street in Linden our realtor Sergia Floy and Paula Andrade from Caliber Home Loans.

Happy owners of a beautiful duplex in Linden NJ. Mr. & Mrs Salazar along with lawyer Jorge Batista , my assistant Betsy and myself. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!!!!

My husband and I are so completely happy with the services of Jill Guzman Realty.
We owned a 2 family home on Inslee Place Elizabeth NJ for  20 years. We decided to move South to a warm climate and we called Jill. In less than two weeks our house was under contract and we had to start packing!!! There was a lot to pack after  20 years!!!!
I need tons of cards to give to all our friends.
Thanks Jill Guzman Realty!!

The Torres Family
July 22, 2019

Good morning Jill… Today is a great day. Although it was very emotional to leave the beautiful home you sold us 20 years ago...!!! it makes me so happy to know that with you and your team behind us all the way, that we can begin the next chapter of our lives.
Thanks for all your hard work and support. You are one in 1 million!!!

Robert & Cynthia Machado.

167 Berwyn St
Roselle Park, NJ 07204

I absolutely love Jill and her agency!! They were there for me and took god care of me with flaw. I would recommend you to this wonderful agency!!!
Lessane your loyal client 


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Posted by Jill Guzman Realty, Inc. on Saturday, June 1, 2019

https://jillguzmanrealty.com Great Services! Great Community!

Posted by Jill Guzman Realty, Inc. on Saturday, June 1, 2019

Dear Jill,

From the hearts of Isabel & Frances and our family, we would like to tell you how extremely happy we are today of this closing of our new home.
Altheria Fairfax sold our sister-in-law our home in Hillside, NJ., and today we have the key to our home only a few blocks from our family. We all have moved now from NY to NJ thanks to your wonderful agent Altheria. The only thing we can say is that we love  Altheria & JIll Guzman Realty. Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!


Altheria Fairfax, Isabel and Frances Santos, and Attorney at Law. Allen J. Barkin

The Santos Family

Approx three months ago, The Molina family came to visit Jill. Four years ago, Jill had rented them a cozy one bedroom apt. As they visited, Jill noticed that the family had grown! Now they are four!! The Molinas and 2 precious little girls. Their goal was to now have a larger apt.

As Jill looked at the faces of these adorable children, she made a firm decision….no more apartments for them!

Only a home with a yard, we figured their income and credit and WOW it was fine..the only dilemma was that their savings were very small due to the growth of their family...Jill quickly put on her thinking cap and recalled a state grant program for Union County in which the state would give them a grant for

$10,000 if they qualified. This grant only needs to be paid off if they move before 5 yrs..if not is erased!

Quickly, Jill called the banker Gregory Kiamie who offered that program and he ran over to Jill's office as Jill colored with the 2 girls in books, Greg applied to the state. Monday, we found ourselves sitting in the attorney’s office closing their first adorable home.(SEE PHOTO) This is what is called the true AMERICAN DREAM!!!! I had the pleasure of handing them the keys and just passed by today to find the sweet little ones playing and running in their yard...This home was purchased with a total amt of $1,634.46 FROM BUYER!. Thanks to Greg and attorney Joe Santoliquido, for helping me to make a young family’s dream come true…More than ever,   “I LOVE WHAT I DO!”

Three months ago, a lovely couple walked into my home on 504 Erico Ave Eliz Nj and fell in love with it and yes bought it!!! As we worked together to get to the closing of title., I found the couple to also be very much in love with one another.

A few weeks ago, at the closing which took place in the office of Mr Luis Sanchez, Attorney, as we concluded the closing I handed the couple the keys to their very own home. WHAT A GREAT EVENT OCCURRED.. The gentleman got down on his knee and took out of his pocket a diamond ring and proposed marriage to the beautiful lady....Of course, she accepted and I was moved to tears!!! Now the couple is homeowners and is engaged to be married. They promised to invite us to the wedding....Love you Carlos and Katia and now you know why


Dear Jill,

How can we tell you the happiness we feel? After paying rent for 19 years we came to you to rent a new apartment. We never dreamed we would be able to be homeowners!!!!!!Today, October 18, 2018, we closed the title on our wonderful new home and yes we are homeowners!!!!
My new home in Roselle Park!! The kitchen is so beautiful that my wife will be cooking nonstop for myself and our two wonderful boys… My boys would only have to walk 2 blocks to Roselle Park High School. We cannot say enough about you and how we appreciate your nonstop dedication to us.

The Santos family loves all at Jill Guzman Realty!!!! God bless

Hello Jill,
You have done an excellent job of selling my property.
Thanks again for everything. You will be in my thoughts during “Happy Hour”

Ted Farra

Jill gets the job done while keeping a personal touch that makes all the difference. Some businesses say they care about their clients, Jill really does.

Susan Jeffries

best in sales and rentals in Elizabeth NJ.

Julio Genao

Jill and Juan Guzman are pillars of their community for a reason. If you buying or selling a home, and are looking for someone who TRULY CARES about people and community - someone with a strong sense of ethics and morals - someone non-judgmental and compassionate, and someone who knows this business inside and out,  Jill is the woman for you!

Michelle Kaufman Olson